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01 Mar 2007





While a member of Company B, 16th Infantry Regiment, at Luchem. Germany, on 3 December 1944, Private Henry volunteered to attempt the destruction of a nest of five enemy machine-guns. With complete disregard for his personal safety he sprinted alone across the open terrain toward the enemy emplacement. Before he had gone half the distance he was hit by a burst of machine-gun fire. Private Henry dropped his rifle and although painfully injured, continued forward until he was close enough to hurl hand grenades into the enemy positions, then fell mortally wounded only ten yards from the enemy emplacement. His single handed attack forced the enemy to withdraw from their positions. Private Henry's gallantry and intrepidity enabled his company to reach its objective, capturing a key defense point and seventy prisoners. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on 12 June 1945.

Extract from:

Headquarters European Command

General Orders Number 11

Designation of Military Installations

29 January 1948

(With thanks to John Figaro)


Congressional Medal of Honor Society

Medal of Honor Museum