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1 JUNE 2010


The Front Gate


    As the narrator of The Tale of Two Cities said, "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times".  Henry was 5:30 AM wake ups, bed check, and First Sergeants. It was 2 AM alerts, Saturday morning inspections and winter maneuvers. Remember those wonderful excursions to Hohenfelds?  Cold showers, knee deep mud, emersion foot and the occasional short arm inspection.  Looking back through the filter of time these things fade to grey and the "best of times" shine in our remembrance.

    For many of us it was our first time away from home.  A time to stretch our wings.  A time to explore new places, new ideas and new people.  It was a little daunting at first, being so far form home.  But new friendships were formed along with a camaraderie that only a soldier can know.  That is what this web site is all about.  As much as we hate to admit it we are old men now.  This is a place we can meet lost friends, swap a few lies, and catch up. 

    Here at Henry we are not old.  Our knees don't creek, our reflexes haven't slowed and our hair hasn't grown grey or disappeared.  Here we are forever young, forever comrades and forever admiring  those pretty freuleins  walking through Swabing.

    Here at Henry we are soldiers, knights in olive drab, defenders of freedom, and consumers of huge quantities  of  German beer. Welcome home to Henry.

      I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you.  I especially want to thank those Henry Vets who have been with me since the beginning.  Your support has kept me going and our home growing.  To all My Brothers In Arms I thank you and dedicate this site.

John A Leach, (AKA DC/GUNNER)
SP/4 HHC ( DC Section ) 3rd Bn 19th Infantry

Thank you DC/Gunner for starting this great site ,
With your help and the help of our Brothers in Arms, I hope to continue to keep our Home growing;

On a sad note; Henry Kaserne is scheduled for demolition 2010-2011

Carl Varnadoe ,SP/5 C Co.724th Maintenance Battalion, 1965-1968

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